Cactus root rot

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Cactus root rot

Root rot

Cactus root rot

Unfortunately, this is one of the worst problems of cacti and the biggest and most widespread disease of cacti
If your plant is infected with fungal root disease, it can no longer be stopped and the plant is lost
The best solution to this problem is just to prevent the disease

Cause of cactus root fungus

The main cause of this disease is fungi and bacteria that grow in the soil
These bacteria and fungi cannot be isolated or killed because they form in the soil over time
The disease occurs in very moist soils
Excessive watering of cacti and early watering is the main cause of this disease

Prevention of root fungal disease

Be sure to try to use good soil suitable for cacti
Allow the soil to dry completely after re-watering
Be sure to use high potash fertilizers
Use humic acid and fish folic acid fertilizer once
Buy your soil from reputable places like
Use pebbles on the soil
Use soil that is not so-called heavy soil

Prevention of root fungal disease

Important note

The cause of cactus root rot is not just over-irrigation. The water used itself may be pathogenic.
Irrigation water should not be salty or high in chlorine, which can cause fungal infections
Irrigation water must be left in the open for one to two hours to remove chlorine from the water and then be irrigated
If the salinity of the water is high or the water in your area is not suitable, be sure to boil the water and then let it cool.
Another cause of root rot is lack of oxygen to the soil
Make sure the ventilation of your cactus is well ventilated

Try to have cacti by the window and places where there is air traffic

Good aeration causes the soil to dry quickly and the roots to breathe well

Signs of cactus root rot

Yellowing of the plant trunk
Loosening and deformation of the plant
Unexpected discoloration of the plant
Late drying of soil after watering cactus

The best way to get rid of fungal diseases is home remedies

Cinnamon is the best household fungicide to eliminate fungal diseases

Combine a teaspoon in a liter of water and irrigate the soil

If you want to use industrial fungicide, use carbandazium fungicide

If your cactus in the form of a jelly can not do anything for your cactus and succulent, you should throw away the cactus


Signs of cactus root rotCactus root rot


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